James I. MacDougall Art

Artist’s Statement

Responding to other’s lives through the visual language of the portrait and the figure is my principal enthusiasm. My portraits are created in the presence of the subject. The occasion is a three way conversation among the sitter, the artist and the canvas in an atmosphere of comfort, respect, vulnerability, intimacy, music and fun! When the subjects’ essence moves to the canvas, and meets on equal terms with that of the artist, the portrait has a good chance of coming alive in a meaningful way. I explore many ways of achieving this, and for me it always engages the unpredictable. One hopes that all three parties agree that the adventure was a success.

I feel that the unique language of Art, in all its forms, is essential for the expression of deeply personal and aesthetic responses to life’s experience, responses that are unable to be fully communicated by any other means. Feelings of awe, dread, mystery, wonder, beauty and ecstasy as well as strange imaginings can be shared. This sharing enriches lives. It is in the spirit of these thoughts that I work with many sources of stimulation. However people evoke all of the feelings mentioned above and are my principal interest.

From many wonderful people, I have had the great gift of encouragement, first among whom is my wife Connie.

Jim MacDougall